Founded by Lindsey Kupper, Gilded Chaos stands for: Pushing through any obstacle while seeing the beauty in the chaotic path there. You have the power and ability over your own life to gild the not so beautiful parts of your life with an optimistic view. Let Gilded Chaos make your life a little bit easier by bringing you on trend, luxury, and vintage items that are affordable for you to buy.  Similar to you, each item is a one of kind, and cannot be replaced, just like you.


About Kupper

Founded by Lindsey Kupper, Gilded Chaos was created when Kupper decided to bridge the gap between gently used clothing and the lack of luxury feel that should go with it.  Her passion for luxury brand items and Starbucks coffee did not match her bank account, but she refused to give them up. She also new that working for others was never going to be her cup of tea. So, she created her own world to share with you where designer items are affordable, and luxury is luxury, new or used.

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